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Terms And Conditions Of This website

The following specifies the terms and conditions under which you have permission to make use of our website. Please read them carefully – they are very important. It is mandatory that you accept these terms and conditions fully, otherwise your permission to use our website is withdrawn.

Your acceptance of our terms and conditions

By continuing to use our website you signify that you agree to accept, and be bound by, all the following terms and conditions.

Purpose of this website

This is a privately owned website which was put together in 2020 by Danny Fowler of St George's House, 6 St George's Way, Leicester LE1 1QZ. It is maintained by Danny Fowler and a small group of car enthusiast volunteers.

The website exists for entertainment purposes only and is aimed at people in the United Kingdom who wish to learn about, and hopefully discuss, Bugatti cars.

Expertise of the owner and authors of this website

Persons associated with the creation and maintenance of this website make no claim whatsoever to any expertise about any subject at all. You agree that you browse this website entirely at your own risk and that you will treat all the contents as unreliable.

Liabilities of the owner and authors of this website

No charges are made for access to this website and there is therefore no contract, either assumed or explicit, between the owner and authors of this website and any visitor. You accept therefore that the owner and authors of this website have no responsibilities towards you whatsoever for any consequences that may befall you as a result, whether direct or indirect, of you visiting this website.

Stability of this website

We can make no guarantee whatsoever that this website has not been infected by any computer virus. If you visit our website you must rely upon your own anti-viral software to protect you from any such infections that have been placed there as a result of a hack by a malicious person, or persons, whether or not this has happened as a result of negligence.

Copyright of this website

All the images and text on this site have been created by the owner and authors of this website who hold full copyright. Unauthorised copying of any part of this website is strictly forbidden without express permission. You agree therefore that you will not pass any part of this website onto any other person or publish it on any medium including, but not restricted to, the Internet, or make any alterations to any of the contents of this website.

Links to other websites

This website may carry links to other websites provided by third parties. The fact that a link exists does not imply any endorsement of these websites or any acceptance of liability for any of the contents of these websites. You agree therefore that you visit them entirely at your own risk, and that you will not hold us liable in any way for any consequences that occur as a result of you visiting any of these websites.

Changes to our terms and conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at our absolute discretion. Any changes that we make will be detailed on this page, which we suggest you read on future visits to this website.

Governing jurisdiction

We frankly find it hard to believe that it would ever be necessary to enter into litigation over anything to do with this website, but if this happens the only jurisdiction which would be acceptable would be English law. You agree to accept this unconditionally.

Validity of these terms and conditions

In the unlikely event that any of these terms and conditions are illegal or unenforceable under English law this will not affect the legitimacy of the remaining terms and conditions in any way.

Your agreement to these terms and conditions

By continuing to browse or otherwise make use of this website you are deemed to accept all of these terms and conditions in their entirety.

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