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You want very cheap car insurance? Really?

Are you really looking for very cheap car insurance? Or at least, a policy that isn't as horribly expensive as your last one? It may be time for a reality check.

We read all sorts of ads for motor insurance that is incredibly cheap but when we get quotes it isn't the bargain we thought it was. The fact is that insurance companies are businesses not charities. They are there to make a profit in a highly competitive sector so although most of them will cut prices as far as they dare to they cannot throw money away.

So how can anyone find cheaper cover?

Price comparison sites are still the first choice for most motorits who are looking for the best bargains. Which ones to choose? I've certainly found good, very cheap policies from inexpensive car insurance site (click here to visit their website) but then I expect really inexpensive insurance anyway; I'm over 65 years old, have gone more than 20 years without any accidents or convictions, and drive a nearly new Vauxhall Corsa. My grandson of 19 on the other hand is almost priced off the road even though he owns a Volkswagen Polo which is even smaller than my car. The lowest yearly premiums he has been quoted are around eight times what I pay and no amount of searching has produced substantially lower ones for him.

He even tried checking a Which Report to see if they could suggest something cheaper but without success. His age is very much against him.

Short term car insurance

My grandson only really needs temporary cover for a few days. Short term insurance for the odd week when he's home from uni suits him best and the rest of the time his Polo sits in my garage under a SORN. He's hoping to get a job with a company car when he graduates so someone else will pay for his insurance for him!

Are high young driver premiums fair?

For young people it's a hard fact to face but insurers may be absolutely justified in charging them high premiums, or just refusing to cover them at all. Under 25s, and even worse, under 20s, particularly those with little driving experience, have on average an awful accident record. Not only do they have more of them, but they are more expensive than the average ones too, because young people (again on average) tend to drive faster than older ones. Until a cure is found for excess hormones this will probably remain the case.

What about black box policies?

We did look into getting my grandson a black box policy but some of his friends went down this route and were unhappy with them. A couple of guys had their cover withdrawn because they'd violated some rule or other too often and this made it almost impossible to find cover elsewhere because most insurers don't want to know about young motorists whose policies have been cancelled. Other friends of his found that it was really difficult to change insurers at renewal time. They found that the old black box had to be removed before a new one could be fitted and they got charged extra for this which made them stay with their current insurers after all.

So; most young motorists will just have to grit their teeth and either accept the high prices they are being charged for insurance, or wait until they are a little older. Sometimes age has it's compensations.